Safety & Solution Statement


At Apricus Venue, we take the safety and health of our guests, partners, and team members seriously. Enhanced safety
measures are put into place. We invite all clients and visitors to follow posted instructions while at our venue.

Indoor & Outdoor Event
Floorplans for Social Distancing

We offer various social-distancing layouts and setup options to comply with local and state guidelines, so you don't have to sacrifice the face-to-face experience. Drop us a line to schedule a tour or request layout options before meeting with us in-person or virtually.

Top-Notch Hybrid & Virtual
Event Options

Apricus strives to create hybrid/virtual events that feel face-to-face. We are well-equipped to connect live and online guests with intuitive navigation, advanced video delivery options, networking experiences, and engagement tools. Our dedicated technology partner and us will provide support from event planning to execution for a seamless experience.

Safety measures

Before and after any event at Apricus, we conduct rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices. We have also set up hand sanitizing stations at the venue’s entrance, throughout the ballroom, and by the restrooms. Contracted security keeps doors accessible and administers body temperature tests when there is an event. Safety signs have been placed indicating exact social-distancing measurements.

Team members and partners are required to wear masks in public spaces of the venue and wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds upon entering the building and frequently throughout their shifts. Team members and partners who have been, or potentially have been, exposed to illness or who shows symptoms of illness are strictly prohibited from being on the premises.

How you can help:

Please use the available hand sanitizer upon arrival and throughout if attending an event.

Masks are required at all times unless eating, drinking, or singing on stage!

If you are a huggy person: we love hugs too, but let's air hug and elbow bump for now.

If you aren't feeling well
or showing any signs of illness,
please stay home and rest.

*By attending events at Apricus Venue, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


Please direct any questions to hello@apricusvenue.com. We will continue to provide updates as warranted. Meanwhile, stay safe, stay healthy.