Apricus Venue has a true evolutionary story — which all started in 2018. A group of Greater Dallas’ most influential business leaders spotted an ideal site for a mixed-use development at the budding City of Corinth. They envisioned it to become a lifestyle destination for both citizens and tourists, where work, life, and play can all happen within walking distance.

Finally, there will be a place that brings urban vitality, high quality of life, and the beauty of nature together in north Dallas-Fort Worth. They call this 24-acre development ‘Millennium’, of which layout was inspired by ancient Corinth in Greece. A key catalyst inside Millennium — a 10,000 square-foot event venue that will spur creativity, celebrate milestones, and bring people together  just broke ground. It has indoor and outdoor spaces and a 1.5-acre pond with water features. The challenge  who will be the like-minded visionaries and operators who can infuse personality into the venue so it can live its purpose?

21 miles south of I-35E, Pablo Figueroa and Jaime Murrieta, both brave enough to quit their executive roles in Corporate America, were thriving in running the first venue they created, which had become one of DFW’s favorites in less than five years.

We've climbed the corporate ladder, but we no longer felt the need to work just for a paycheck. We both enjoy inspiring people from diverse cultural backgrounds, so we felt motivated and wanted to do more.

Jaime Murrieta

Their courage and success captured the attention of Millennium’s business leaders. After a thorough due diligence process against all possible candidates, the stars aligned again  Pablo and Jaime were invited as the creators and operators of the new venue. After some long, occasionally sleepless nights, weeks, and months of ingenious and tireless planning, all the puzzle pieces finally fell into place. Thus, the Apricus Venue was born.

We didn't want Apricus to be just another player in the DFW's event/wedding industry. We used the best of our professional resources, creativity, and personal values to navigate murky waters, including uncertainties caused by the pandemic. Against all odds, we made it happen. It was not easy, but we are fighters.

Pablo Figueroa

Apricus’ Tuscan charm with water views complements its flexible, neutral space, making it the premier venue for all events and weddings alike.

The Latin word “apricus” means “warmed by the sun,” reflecting the state of mind Pablo and Jaime want their clients to reach — evoking the sense of contentment they feel when they attain harmony with nature and the people around them.

It's not a traditional rustic hidden barn, or an 'improvised' industrial space, or a giant and whimsical mansion built for fairy tale weddings. We look for down-to-earth people who want to tailor a high-quality experience with a more practical vision, yet desire a unique and modern spin.

Pablo Figueroa


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